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Right now, there are many refugee children that are not going to school due to the fact that there are simply no places for them. The public school system in Turkey was not ready for the 3,5 million of refugees that flooded the country and as a result, hundreds of children are losing out on the most valuable aspect of a child’s upbringing: an education. By adopting a child financially through BoL you give a child new hope of a future.


Each foster parent donates a minimum of $30 per month. This amount is invested in a collective fund to provide long-term education for a child who does not currently have this opportunity.


Supporting a child in this way makes it possible to change the course of a child’s life. Without an education, it is very likely that he or she will be forced into child labor or child marriage. By sending a child to school, you are giving them the opportunity to develop into a healthy adult, a responsible citizen and a happy person.


To maintain our high level of standards at school (by providing electricity, water, gas, taxes, maintenance, student snacks, etc.) we need you. Refugees are not able to contribute financially to this project and our not-for-profit association may not charge any students under Turkish law; we rely on people like you to support those in need.

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